Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer






I have made art my whole life. Luckily my family and many friends loved art or were also artists, so art was always a part of my life.  I mainly paint, but I am also a photographer, musician and writer.  Many of my artworks have a nature or spiritual component.  My style is a mix of realism and impressionism.   I experiment with many mediums. 


My personal interests are the natural world, particularly animals, anthropology, psychology, theology and human rights. 


I am on the autistic spectrum and have several learning and social disabilities.I was not able to go to college.  In fact, I needed to live in a group home setting for most of my early adult life.  But I was always able to make art.   Recently, I finally had the opportunity to augment my self-taught abilities and study fine art techniques at Art School.   


 I live on my own with several pets.  Animals are particularly important to me and I spent a lot of time with them and caring for them.  I have worked at a wide variety of jobs from the fields of farming to the field of law.  Currently, when I am not making art,  I am building websites for artists and poets, studying Old Master Painting Techniques, and occasionally leading art therapy sessions.  I also volunteer at my church and as an advocate for people on the autistic spectrum.       


As far as autism goes, I believe it to be more of a gift than a disability. Not only for the person with autism but for those around them. I believe that all people have unique strengths and gifts to bring to the world. I also believe that each person is missing a piece or two, but that's good - these deficits keep people reaching out to each other. While there are many challenges and difficulties associated with being autistic, and I have had my share of really dark and hard times because of it, I would not trade to be "normal".  I am comfortable with who I am and feel like my life has a purpose.  I believe that the autistic people of the world are and always have been an indispensable and advantageous component of  the human race. 


Most of my artwork is for sale. Prints are also available. I take commissions.   My art work has been seen at various shows and many other venues in the Northeast. I am represented by AANE Artists Collaborative, in Watertown, MA where many of my works may be seen. My personal website is: I can be reached at 617-923-0064 and through the contact link on this site.


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