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My art is being included in a 3 Person show at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA from March 15 to April 20.  Very exciting.  My friend Kathleen Pigott had a lot to do with the arrangements and helping me deal with the last minute nature of this opportunity.  But even though many artworks needed framing or were in different locations -I was able to get 14 paintings ready to go in a very short time.  Art will be for sale.


Lots of friends and relations are planning on attending -  my sister from DC is even planning to attend.   Other artists I know - such as John M. Williams - have been in the same show in the past.  Last year Temple Grandin's art was shown.  So I will be in good company.  Hope you can join me.  


Here's the link for more information about the show plus drirections.


Here's the 2 D version of the 3 D multi-Media artwork I'm currently making /building /painting.  I'm interpreting the story The Emperor and The Nightingale by Hans Christian Anderson.  In the 3 D version, the objects are real:  an amber incense burner, a shiny bronze coin, woven tassels, glittering fabrics, a jeweled cage and mechanical bird, fragrant herbal medicines, real twigs with silk cherry blossoms. blending into the trees painted in the window scene.  The scene in the window is mounted on a mirror to give an otherworldy glow.  The light in the carved vase will flicker and the feathered bird will sing an actual nightingale's song.  It's large - 40 x 40 inches and all mounted on a cradled board I built myself.  The emperor is painted in oils.  



I just finished building a website for my sister MARY K. O'MELVENY who is a fantastic poet.  She writes about War and Peace, Human Rights, the Environment and Nature, Gender Issues, Women's Issues, Family Dynamics and other serious , inspiring or sometimes even humerous things in a way that is so intense that to read her words is like being there.  


Her poems have been featured in many collections and online poetry journals.  This Fall her first book of poems: A Woman of a Certain Age is being published by Finishing Line Press.  


Here's the site:  The Poetry of Mary K. O'Melveny.  Please check it out.  I've illustrated the poems with photographs she or I have taken, plus some artwork. 

My collage piece, NAMING THE ANIMALS, was accepted in the THROUGH OUR EYES exhibit at the RHODE ISLAND MUSEUM OF WORK AND CULTURE in Woonsocket RI.   It is being displayed with its accompanying booklets and handouts along with a magnifying glass so people could see the details.  Opening Saturday, March 18th 1:oo PM


Photo from opening from RI Newspaper.



Erika Lutrino and I, representing AANE and the Artist's Collaborative, had a space at the Davis Square-Somerville, Massachusetts ARTBEAT event on Saturday, July 19.  The weather was perfect.  Somerville is close to Boston and Cambridge. It was a lot of work getting our art and equipment set up at the event - no nearby parking! But it was a great way to meet new customers as well as other artists.  I also saw some old friends/neighbors - one took this great picture.


It was a massive event - arts, crafts, food, music, activities -etc. Because of our afiliation we were in the Non-Profits section.  We each had displays of our own artwork (here's a photo of me with my exhibit) but also did a lot of outreach about AANE - Asperger's Association of New England - the Organization which offers services, support, and educational resources to professionals and families/individuals affected by Asperger's Syndrome and related Autistic Spectrum Disorders.  Erika and I both belong to the AANE Artists' Collaborative.  AANE has a large on-site Art Gallery in Watertown which displays and sells our work.   






                                                                                 PHOTO OF STATEHOUSE EVENT

                                                                 Senator Flanagan Center, the Artist on the right



AWARD Presented to

Massachusetts  State Senator Jennifer Flanagan

on May 5, 2014

Massachusetts State House

10:30 AM







Watercolor, Graphite, Mixed Papers, Collage


by Anastasia O’Melveny

of Watertown, MA

©  2014 






1642 to 2014




This painting was begun at our first Artist Collaborative Making Art get-together.  This is when we bring our art-making supplies to AANE and spend an afternoon, just doing art, talking about art, sharing ideas about art, maybe listening to some music, have some lunch.  It's also a time when we can share our thoughts and experiences of being on the autism spectrum and be a community in that way too.  It’s a fantastic thing to be able to be ourselves each doing our unique thing but having a community at the same time.  Our artists collaborative group has now grown from just a few people, some parents and a few staff members to what is now many artists being more or less self-sufficient: putting on shows and events, and working more and more on our own as professional artists. Amazing what the right kind of support can do.

I made this Plum Pudding for my sister for Christmas.     It took many days to make.  It contains many ingredients including 12 kinds of fruit, 7 spices, 3 kinds of liquor and a dozen eggs, but it was worth it - it was a wonderful success.  I also made paper versions of the traditional charms and associated Blessings.  Everyone loved the ceremony of the flaming pudding and the wishes.  It really did transmit a hefty dose of Christmas Spirit.  Definitely a tradition to continue. 

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