Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer


Here's the 2 D version of the 3 D multi-Media artwork I'm currently making /building /painting.  I'm interpreting the story The Emperor and The Nightingale by Hans Christian Anderson.  In the 3 D version, the objects are real:  an amber incense burner, a shiny bronze coin, woven tassels, glittering fabrics, a jeweled cage and mechanical bird, fragrant herbal medicines, real twigs with silk cherry blossoms. blending into the trees painted in the window scene.  The scene in the window is mounted on a mirror to give an otherworldy glow.  The light in the carved vase will flicker and the feathered bird will sing an actual nightingale's song.  It's large - 40 x 40 inches and all mounted on a cradled board I built myself.  The emperor is painted in oils.  



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