Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer



Anastasia O’Melveny is a self-taught artist living and working in Massachusetts. She was born in Seattle and grew up in scenic Western Maryland.  Since childhood she has used a multitude of artistic mediums to express spiritual themes and celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Among these are painting, photography, mixed media and collage, multi-media works, architecture, glasswork, jewelry, music, poetry and writing. 


In addition to making art she also builds and manages websites for artists, musicians and poets.


From infancy she was fascinated by art, and spent long hours looking at art books. She especially loved drawing and painting and her favorite subject was always animals. Undiagnosed autism and learning disabilities complicated her early life and precluded a higher education. It was not until age 56 that was she was finally diagnosed as having Autism. Nevertheless, she managed to follow an artistic path. Since the 1980's she has also embraced photography, and is constantly capturing moments and details of the world she encounters.


Recently, thanks to a special educational opportunity, she has been able to study Art, primarily at Boston University, focusing on Traditional and Old Master Painting Techniques and Life Drawing. Additionally, in keeping with her spiritual and religious bent she also studies Theology and Religious Art from around the world. 


At present she is working on works for upcoming shows and several commissioned pieces. She is also writing and illustrating a series of multi-media books for young adults.  Her art has been included in many shows and exhibits, as well as private collections.  


She is represented by the AANE Gallery in Watertown, Massachusetts, which showcases and supports the work of Autistic Artists.


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