Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer


GREEN HILLS AND FIELDS OF WHEAT                                    


(Zeleni Pahory I Polya Pshenytsi)


Alternate Title:


вид з високого перевалу

(Vyd z vysokoho perevalu)


(2022)  Mixed Media (Pastel, Marker, Dynamic Paint)

24 x 40   panel

Giclee Prints available


Looking down at fields of ripening wheat, a sparkling river, soft Green hills.  A wide, high brilliant sky above.  A beautiful and peaceful scene.  But slashed by a black road.  What does it mean.  War?  Perhaps.  But all of us are threatened by dark forces threatenting our whole world that must be overcome. Where will the road lead…what will be found at the end.  


Perhaps it is true that love and the power of beauty and the inspiration of our dreams and visions of peace will make the difference.  Let us be hopeful and determined.


A musical accompaniment.  


All over the world, to honor and support Ukraine in these dark days, musicians, choirs, instrumentalists, soloists, and orchestras have chosen a certain piece of music to play for Ukraine: Melody for Strings by Myroslav Skoryk (featured in the film "The High Pass" ) as it seems to capture the deep tragedy and sadness of these times, but also the beauty and courage, innocence and hope, of Ukraine.


You can listen to this piece of music here:



* * *


QUILT FOR UKRAINE                                                     

Затишна ковдра для народу України

(Zatyshna kovdra dlya narodu Ukrayiny)

A comforting quilt for the People of Ukraine

by Anastasia O'Melveny  

(2022)  Mixed Media Collage  - 16 x16

Giclee prints Available


This piece was created to honor all the peoples of Ukraine, their long and noble history, and the suffering and loss they are currently enduring.   In the rubble and despair of war their beauty and the beauty of their country may be marred or obscured but their vision and its promises still shine clearly and brightly in their hearts. As their National Anthem Proclaims: "Ukraine is not yet lost! " ("Shche ne vmerla Ukrainas")



* * *



Пливе кача (Plyve Kacha)  

by Anastasia O'Melveny  

(2014)  oil on canvas (Original medium)


A small duck on a rippling lake.   


In Ukraine, a duck crossing waters is a symbol of death and the soul's journey to the other side.  There is a Ukrainian folksong of this same name that is both a farewell song and a lament which speaks to price of peace and of war. 


This song become especially popular after it was sung at the Requiem for the Euromaidan Heroes of the 2014 "Revolution of Dignity".  It is now being sung for all war dead and especially for all those lost since 2014 due to the Russian invasion and its unprovoked war with Ukraine.   




To see/hear the original choir singing at the 2014 Requiem


 To watch a video about war and loss featuring this folksong:







 Слава Україні!

Sláva Ukrayíni!

Glory to Ukraine!

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