Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer



вид з високого перевалу

(Vyd z vysokoho perevalu)

©2022 Anastasia O'Melveny  

"20 x 30"   Dynamic Paint, Pastel, Marker 

With multi-media sound links and artist's notes

Signed, Limited Edition Prints available 


Alternate title: GREEN HILLS AND FIELDS OF WHEAT (UKRAINE)                                             


(Zeleni Pahory I Polya Pshenytsi)


In their mind's eyes, people are thinking of Ukraine – remembering what they have heard, or perhaps glimpsed in a report:  Certain places, landscapes, stories, feelings. One evening I just started to paint and this scene came into focus.   I had not set out to paint Ukraine even though I pray and lose sleep over its people and their country and this horrible war nearly every night.  


Slowly this place came into view.  Fields of ripening wheat, hopefully destined to travel and feed people far away over the earth.  A sparkling river.  Soft Green hills.  A wide, high brilliant sky.  A beautiful  and peaceful place but slashed by a black road.  What does it mean?  The War?  Yes. But more than that, because no matter where we are, everything that we see is threatened by forces greater than the current conflict. 


So where will the road lead…what will be found in the end.  Perhaps it truly is love, the power of beauty and of our visions of peace that will make the difference.  Let us be hopeful and determined.  



All over the world, to honor and support Ukraine in these dark days, musicians, instrumentalists, soloists, choirs, and orchestras have chosne a certain piece of music to play, "Melody for Strings" by Myroslav Skoryk from the film "The High Pass" because it has alao become very meaningful to the people of Ukraine. It seems to capture the beauty and soul of Ukraine and the sadness and tragedy of these times.  Even so, it seems to speak of innocence and hope.  


Artist's Notes  - 12/16/2022



Melody for Strings

by Myroslav Skoryk



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