Anastasia O'Melveny - Visual Artist & Photographer

Photographic Process

I always have a camera with me.  Frequently it is my iphone camera, but I also carry my Nikon Digital P-100. Occasionally I use my Olympus IS-3/IS-3000 - a film camera par excellance which I would never part with.  


The advent of Digital Photography a real blessing in that anyone can afford to be a photographer.  The downside is that with an avalanche of images vying for our attention every moment, people have lost the sense that photos have anything to offer.  In fact, they can serve as an oasis of calm and peace, which we do still need in these stressful times.


It is moments of beauty light and peace that I'm looking for in my work.  And in photos of people I look for iconic  - universal - moments, such as couples relating to one another, lonely people, a person deep in thought. I also look for faces which show strong forms and character.


I'm always aware of depth and details in my surroundings. Normally I take several photos every day.  On an adventure - such as a walk I might take 100 or more. I'm especially attentive to the natural world. Cloud formations, tree bark, bodies of water etc. and especially any animals that I come across.  I also enjoy phtographing people incognito. 


I almost never crop my photographs.  Rarely, I use software such as Photoshop  to remove an errant element in a photo. More often those items, blurry sections, or odd angles are integral to the photograph.  Occassionally I use filters to correct or brighten lighting, sometimes revealing hidden treasures in what looked to be a missed shot.


Photography is a way to make life hold still, allowing us to return to treasured moments and see more clearly the jewels swirling all around us in the eddies of life's rolling river.  

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